Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery offers a quicker recovery

Today’s gynecologic surgery is much different than the procedures your mother or grandmother may have had. Our San Antonio OBGYNs almost always perform minimally invasive gynecologic surgery or robotic surgery, instead of the open surgery with large abdominal incisions that used to be the norm. Now, open surgery is very rare.

Our surgeons rely on leading-edge surgery and techniques

Our physicians stay at the forefront of surgical technology and research. They pursue training opportunities to stay up-to-date with the latest ideas, making learning and leadership a priority in their practice. At Live Oak Women’s Health, providing patients with the least invasive, most comfortable and effective treatment options is our mission.

Our San Antonio OBGYNs are experts in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery

Our surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery that requires only a few small abdominal incisions, or no abdominal incisions with procedures performed vaginally. During a laparoscopy, the surgeon makes a few small incisions in your abdomen and inserts a thin, lighted instrument that provides a view of your pelvic organs. The surgeon inserts surgical instruments into one of the other incisions to perform surgery. Minimally invasive surgery provides several benefits over traditional open surgery.

• Shorter hospital stay
• Faster recovery
• Faster healing
• Less pain
• Lower risk of infection

Most hysterectomies are minimally invasive, performed laparoscopically either through the abdomen or the vagina.

Our surgeons perform minimally invasive complex surgeries with robotic assistance

Our San Antonio OBGYNs stay up-to-date with advanced procedures and gynecologic surgery training. Robots don’t perform robotic surgery. The robotic system is a tool that helps our surgeons have better control, flexibility and precision. Our surgeons control the robotic arms that hold the surgical tools.

Before robotic-assisted surgery, our surgeons might have had to perform traditional, open surgery for certain complicated problems. Now, with their training and robotic tools, they can perform complex, delicate procedures in a minimally invasive manner.

You can count on our highly capable physicians when you need surgery

From diagnosis to treatment, our entire team is here for you. When you need surgery, you can depend on our surgeons to provide the least invasive treatment possible. Whether you are having minimally invasive gynecologic surgery or robotic-assisted surgery, or even in a very rare instance, traditional open surgery, you can trust our San Antonio OBGYNs to perform your gynecologic surgery with expertise and care. Contact us for more information about surgery, care and treatment.