Five questions to ask during a well-woman exam

Our OBGYNs want you to know which questions you should ask during a well-woman exam. This appointment is the perfect time for you to talk frankly and openly with your physician. After all, an open and honest dialogue gives our OBGYNs an opportunity to address your unique needs.

During your annual well-woman exam, nothing is off-limits. It’s your appointment, and we’re here to help you. Here are five questions our physicians recommend asking if you are having trouble starting a dialogue:

  1. What are my birth control options? Your contraceptive needs may change from year to year as you enter different life stages.
  2. Do I need any additional screening tests based on my family history? Talk to your OBGYN about your risk factors for cancer and other illnesses that may be associated with your genetic and family medical history.
  3. Do you have advice about preparing for pregnancy? Having a discussion about preconception health can help you learn how to get your pregnancy off to a healthy start.
  4. How do I perform a breast self-exam? It’s important for you to get to know what your breasts normally look and feel like so you can detect changes.
  5. Are my periods normal? Ask questions if you are concerned that your periods are too long, too short, too heavy, or irregular.

Asking questions helps you act as your own healthcare advocate

We encourage you to ask questions during your well-woman exam. The more you know about your health, the more you can advocate for your needs. If you know how to recognize worrisome symptoms and bring questions to your exam, then you and your OBGYN can detect dangerous conditions as soon as possible.

If you want to partner with our OBGYNs, request a well-woman appointment. We are eager to work with you.