Preconception health

Optimal Preconception Health Sets Our Patients up for Success

Did you know that planning for a new baby can begin even before you start trying to conceive? Focusing on preconception health can go a long way towards a healthy pregnancy and beautiful baby. At Live Oak Women’s health, our San Antonio women’s center doctors encourage our patients to begin making lifestyle changes well before they are ready to get pregnant.

Why does preconception health matter?

In modern society, we set goals for various parts of our lives, such as schooling, relationships and work. When it comes to having a baby, many women at least create a mental timeline. Part of the process should involve looking at preconception health, so that you can start off in the best health possible for pregnancy and reduce the risk of any complications.

Tips to remember when trying to conceive

Before you begin trying to conceive, plan a preconception visit with one of our San Antonio women’s center doctors. During this appointment, you and your physician can review any existing medical conditions, look at your family history, discuss current medications and ensure your vaccines are up-to-date. Consider the following suggestions for ways to improve preconception health.

  • Cultivate a healthy lifestyle
    Eating a balanced diet with lean protein, leafy vegetables and whole grains will fortify your body so it can support a growing baby. Regular exercise will increase your stamina and strength.
  • Take a prenatal vitamin
    Although you may not be trying to have a baby yet, unplanned pregnancies can occur. By starting a prenatal vitamin early, you can ensure that you get the necessary nutrients for pregnancy, including the 4,000 mcg per day of folic acid recommended to help prevent birth defects.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco
    Regular use of these substances can make getting pregnant more difficult. Additionally, they pose a risk to the developing fetus.
  • Attain a healthy weight
    When you are overweight or underweight, you have a greater risk for issues during pregnancy, such as premature birth, gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Talk to your doctor to determine an optimal weight for your height and frame.
  • Limit environmental exposure
    Stay away from toxic substances and harmful chemicals at home and at work. Things like fertilizers, bug spray and animal feces can pose a risk to both you and your baby.

Expecting a baby brings joy and celebration. We want to partner with our patients to make sure you have the best experience possible during this exciting time, and while you’re trying to conceive. Contact our office for more information about preconception health or to schedule an appointment with our San Antonio women’s center doctors.